Growing up planning parties and other special events was something I did just for fun. After the birth of my oldest six years ago, creating + designing birthday parties and life's most precious moments has become my full time job! This passion paired with my entrepreneurial spirit and Marine Corps training has brought me to where I am today! I take pride in getting to know my clients on a BFF basis. I focus on the small details and bring my client's vision to life with a carefully curated + unique experience with memories to last for years to come!

Our Mission

To empower and encourage women to create and share their ideas + creations with our local community and the world. We believe in inspiring others to become their best version of a #bossbabe + femalepreneur, changing the game for our children’s future.

We LOVE to Party! 

We are party gurus, glitter enthusiasts and LOVE bright and bold colors, designs and prints! We offer our La Jolie Fête luxury party goods collection, full-service event curation (+ design, styling and coordination) along with UPCOMING workshops + custom party boxes! If there is something you don't see feel free to pick up the party line and let us know, we are always excited to try new things!